2023 Honoka’a Business Association Scholarship Awards

Preserve the Past, Honor the Present, Shape the Future
P.O. Box 474
Honoka`a, HI 96727

February 20, 2023


The Honoka’a Business Association is a volunteer organization that includes business owners and individuals. We strive to improve the economic prosperity of the region by focusing on appreciation of the cultural and natural resources of the area and providing a local support network to empower the community’s well-being. The next generation is a critical part of the community and a rich resource for future development. To that end the HBA enthusiastically invests in the next generation and our community with an array of scholarship awards.

The two HBA Evelyn Andrade Scholarships, which are worth at least $1000 each, are awarded to students who show strong motivation to pursue their dreams through continuing their education, who demonstrate accomplishments in their lives to date, and who have thought carefully about how they will finance their education.

The Honoka`a Business Association Community Affirmation scholarship, worth at least $1000, is awarded to a student who is deemed likely to benefit from knowing the community supports their dreams and success. It is the “We Believe in You” award and is funded by community members. Community contributors include Jeannette Soon-
Ludes of Kilo Collaborative, Barbara Franklin Esq. and HBA Board member, Sarah Anderson, among others.

The Honoka’a Business Association is very proud to offer financial aid, recognition and affirmation as well as ongoing support to our students in the next chapter of their lives. The scholarship committee, whose five members have deep backgrounds in education, is prepared to offer their educational resources and connections to support the success of the scholarship awardees in their post secondary educational pursuits. The Honokaʻa Business Association awards represent community members and organizations collaborating and sharing resources for an outcome all can agree on- the best possible future for our youth! We are proud of the awards we offer, but we are always looking to increase our funding.

To that end, we ask that you or your organization consider supporting the Scholarship Committee with a donation in order to assist us as we continue to empower the leaders of tomorrow. We would be happy to work with you to provide any publicity we might be able to offer in appreciation for your generosity.

Please let us know how you’d like to participate. Venmo @honokaabusinessassociation, checks payable to “Honokaʻa Business Association” can be sent to P.O. Box 474, Honokaʻa HI 96727. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Anderson at (808) 987-9076.


Sarah Anderson

Vice President, Honokaʻa Business Association
Chairperson of the HBA Scholarship Committee